All the cases were operated on by two senior surgeons (S.R. and G.P. in General Hospital San Juan de Dios) 10 patients underwent Subtotal Gastrectomy and 5 Total Gastrectomy.

Diffuse carcinoma 54% and 46% Intestinal carcinomas. 54% were antral tumors, 22% body tumors and with proximal lesions 24%.

The blue-staining sentinel node was identified in 12/15.

The sentinel node were situated at level 3 (lesser curvature) in 1 patients, at level 4 (greater curvature) in 2, at level 5 (suprapyloric) in 2, at level 6 (infrapyloric) in 2, at level 1(right cardial) in 2, at level 2 (left cardial) in 1, and at level 7 (left gastric artery) in 2.

The average of sentinel nodes harvested was 2 nodes.